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These meetings are open to all, whether or not you ve had breathwork experience. Complete beginners receive coaching, experienced breathworkers get a chance to practise in a group setting.
For regular updates on meetings, click here and email us to get on the monthly Triplegift emailing list.
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A Happy Spring Equinox to you all!
Connected Breathwork is not nearly well-known enough. It is not a cure-all, but its effects can be little short of miraculous in releasing your blocked emotions, rebalancing your blocked energies and refreshing your sense of what it is to feel really alive!
This spring, why not give yourself a taste of what this wonderful technique can do for you!
Connected Breathwork Sessions Now Available to More People!
For some years now, Iíve been delivering sessions via Skype, with excellent results.
If you have a broadband connection, and a webcam you can position to give an image of yourself as you lie down for your session, I can deliver a Connected Breathwork session to you anywhere in the world!
So far, my Skype-users include clients in North America, Iceland and Ireland, so wherever you are, you can experience a full Connected Breathwork session!

Fees for Skype sessions are lower, to reflect the fact that I donít have to travel or prepare a space for you in my home: £40 per one-hour session, with free email support in between sessions.
Connected breathwork is taught both individually and in groups. Both formats have their advantages - you may prefer to learn the skill of breathwork with just you and the coach present. On the other hand, some people find the effects are more powerful in a group setting.